Friday, March 19, 2010

And so it begins...

I have tried a dozen times or more in the past to start my own blog and it has always fallen flat on its face. My problem has been that I'm a Web Designer, so when I decide that I want to blog, I focus so much on the "web design" side of things that I lose all energy and time and by the time I have ended, I have a decently designed web site, but no time to actually blog because I'm constantly tweaking the site design.

Anyway, I bit the bullet and went with Blogger and hopefully this will make all the difference. I can just focus on sharing my thoughts and experiences and not worry so much about the site maintenance.

Anyway, I hope to be interesting and profound - as I'm sure every blogger hopes to do when they first set out. To be honest, I'm kinda' excited about this attempt to blog because for the first time I'm actually looking to blog as myself. In the past, I tried starting a Gun blog, a Web Design blog, an Urban/Wilderness Survival blog...and it just hasn't worked out. Don't get me wrong, I plan on writing about all of those things - I just don't feel like I have to focus in on just one of them. I'm sure my wife will be the first to confirm that if there's one thing I don't do very well - it's focus.

Not that that's a bad thing. I'm very eclectic in my likes and interests and I think that has made me who I am. And to be fair to myself, there's a lot going on all the time - so it's hard to just sit down and focus on any one thing. There's always something to do for the kids and the house is in constant need of attention. We have friends and family everywhere who need help from time to time and it's always impossible to look at a friend in need and, I can't help you...I'm trying to blog.

So, in conclusion - I hope this is fun for you to read, whomever you are. I hope that I can share something of interest from my life and that your time here is not wasted.

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